BIKE Channel Canyon at Revolve24

BIKE Channel Canyon have over 90 races booked in the calendar this year. But there’s one that’s a bit special; longer than your average crit race, with more climbing than Everest, around the world class Brands Hatch race circuit Revolve24 goes through the night.

Entry for solo, pairs, teams of four, six & eight, this is a true personal challenge. BIKE Channel raced as a team at the event last year, finishing second overall. The atmosphere throughout the event, both on the track and in the athlete’s village is unique. Stealing sleep in between taking turns in the middle of the night is an incredible experience. And this year, you can experience the event while racing against the UK’s newest, most exciting Continental racing team. BIKE Channel Canyon are entering two teams of four, with the line up to be announced.

The 24 hour event is a departure from their current race calendar and gives you the chance to enter and race against the UK’s fastest rising talent.

BIKE Channel Canyon features fifteen British riders, with an average age of 24. With race wins under their belt already, Revolve24 will be a fantastic way to start the final few months of the season.

Click here to enter Revolve24 now.

Watch BIKE Channel at Revolve24 in 2016

In September 2016 a team of six from BIKE Channel entered Revolve24, finishing second overall. You can watch BIKE Channel and team leader Josh Ibbett race in Revolve24 below

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