Race the World

Stage Racing on a Global Scale

Sixteen riders, battling out 13 stages from LA to Miami. This is epic bike racing reimagined.

This year Race the World returns, with more teams racing across America following the 2015 inaugural event.
Fully supported, with 13 stages over 14 days, this is true adventure, a challenge with epic scope that’s unprecedented.

Race the world

The stages are raced as small groups, so team work and camaraderie are rewarded

Racers focus on what they’re there to do; race.

Race the World is the first fully supported cycling race: no rucksacks; no panniers, just you on the bike. Limelight Sports, the organisers, take care of the logistics so you can focus on your cycling.
Following the 2017 America leg of Race the World, plans are underway to take the race to more stunning locations around the globe.

The North American route of Race the World

In the 2015 edition, Team Garin established an early lead after winning the first few stages. Team Deman, led by Sophie Radcliffe, dug deep and fought back, bringing the race back to level peggings by the halfway stage and with over 1,000km left to go, the race came down to the wire. You can see all of the video race reports on Race the World’s Youtube channel here.
You can watch the full Race the World feature film exclusively on BIKE, starting on Wednesday the 11th January at 9PM. Full airing schedule at the bottom of this page.
Race the World is a once in a lifetime cycling opportunity and you can register your interest, find out more about the event, the route, the pioneers and partners by clicking here.

Premiere: 11/01/2017 21:00

Re-run: 12/01/2017 09:00

13/01/2017 03:00 15:00

14/01/2017 20:30

15/01/2017 08:30

16/01/2017 02:30 14:30

19/01/2017 23:30

20/01/2017 11:30

21/01/2017 05:30 17:30

26/01/2017 22:30

27/01/2017 10:30

28/01/2017 04:30 16:30

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